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Prague, Day 1 continued. Still in New Town. Made our way to the Franciscan Garden (originally a monastery garden where lovebirds now make out) near Wenceslas Square. I found some dancers! Once we left, I also found A Finger Casino. Finger didn’t appreciate me wanting to take a picture of him in front of the entrance.

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Prague Day 1 continued: headed to New Town. I have had the song “Good King Wenceslas” stuck in my head for about 48 hours. Little did I know he was the the first Czech saint and patron saint of the Czech state. Our audio tour guide Rick Steve’s (thank you, free informative podcasts), pointed us towards David Cerny’s “Horse,” which depicts St. Wenceslas sitting upside down on a dead horse in the Lucerna passage of downtown Prague.

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The Prague Castle adventure continued to St. George’s Basilica, which pre-dates St. Vitus’s Cathedral. Pic 3 is of St. Ludmila, widow of the 9th century ruler Peince Borivoj. She became Bohemia’s first female Christian martyr when she was strangled while she was praying.

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We spent a weekend in Prague. Day 1 started at the Prague Castle. The castle gates are crowned by copies of 18th century statues of Fighting Giants (Ignaz Platzer). We then entered St. Vitus’s Cathedral (work began in 1344). The cathedral houses the Crown Jewels (seven people have keys, including the President and Mayor), as well as the tomb of “Good King” Wenceslas. I loved the Rose Window (pic 5 and 7). The building of the Chancel (pics 6 and 8) started in 1372. Picture 9 is the Tomb of St. John Nepomuk. My favorite picture is from the Chapel of St. Wenceslas. The bronze ring is thought to be the one he clung to as he was murdered by his brother Boleslav.

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